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Vista Outdoor’s Outdoor Products Segment Branding Reveal in October

Ahead of the spinoff of Vista Outdoor’s two segments, Sporting Products and Outdoor Products, into public companies they are rolling out new names. They just revealed the name for Sporting Products, and in the coming weeks we’ll learn the name for the Outdoor Products company.

While “Sporting Products company” has a certain ring to it, the new company will be called The Kinetic Group with the stock ticker HUNT. That’s a great ticker for brands that are focused on ammunition and hunting. They launched a website that has the branding and an introduction video.

As we reported on before, Eric Nyman will be the CEO of the Outdoor Products company (where Camp Chef sits) effective August 21st. The new name for that company will be announced in the company weeks, likely after the new CEO starts.

Vista Outdoor said in a news release that branding for the new Outdoor Products company will be released at an Investor Day in October in New York City.

Vista Outdoor’s interim CEO, Gary McArthur will continue as CEO until the spinoff is complete for the two companies. After that, he will become chair of the Outdoor Products company’s board of directors.

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