Vista Outdoor Communications Team Named Finalists for Ragan’s CSR & Diversity Awards

Vista Outdoor, the parent company of Camp Chef, was named to two finalists lists for Ragan Communications’ CSR & Diversity Awards. This honor comes on the heels of Vista Outdoor CEO Christ Metz being recognized with the Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Vista Outdoor’s Communications Department was named a finalist in the CSR/ESG Team of the Year category for their efforts developing the 2021 ESG Impact Report. An annual ESG report began in 2020, with the 2022 report being weeks away. As the saying goes, what’s measured is managed, which the ESG Impact report does for Vista Outdoor.

In addition to the team award, Vista’s VP of Communications and Pubic Affairs, Fred Ferguson, was named a finalist in the CSR/ESG Professional of the Year category.

The winners of the award will be announced on July 24th.

There are plans to split Vista Outdoor’s portfolio of outdoor focused brands into two publicly traded companies. Current CEO, Chris Metz, will helm the Outdoor Products company. Given the brands in the portfolio, it’s likely that the ESG focus will continue.


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