Traeger Pro 575 vs Traeger Silverton 620 – Which to Buy in 2023

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If you’re looking to join the Traegerhood, two models to compare for your entry are the Traeger Pro 575 and the Traeger Silverton 620. Both models have the same WiFIRE controller, which is essential, but have key differences.

Traeger Pro 575

Traeger Pro 575 in Winter
Traeger Pro 575 in Winter

The Pro 575 is the entry level model of the current generation of grills. Don’t let the term “entry level” confuse you though, it’s still feature rich and probably the most popular Traeger model. Using all of the WiFi technology that Traeger popularized, this grill can be controlled on your phone with the Traeger app or with the controller mounted on the hopper.

As the name would lead you to believe, the Pro 575 has 575 square inches of cooking area, which is good for an average sized family. The two large wheels make it easy to move around, which we have found helpful for garage storage. It also has 1 temperature probe that interfaces with the Traeger app, so you can keep an eye on your food from afar.

The Pro 575 retails for $899 click here to check the price.

Traeger Silverton 620

Traeger Silverton 620
Traeger Silverton 620

The Silverton 620 is a Costco exclusive model, that shares some features from the Pro 575. As previously mentioned, this grill also has a WiFi enabled controller that will work with the Traeger app.

The biggest difference that is easy to spot, is it has the look of a traditional grill, rather than the drum smoker looker of the Pro 575. It has 2 lbs more of pellet capacity (20 lbs), 49 square inches more of cooking area (624 square inches) and has a front shelf and side shelf that are included.

With the differences in the appearance, there are a couple of functional differences. The Silverton has its grease bucket in the cabinet underneath, rather than externally and it swaps the two large wheels on the Pro 575 for 4 casters. It also vents the smoke out of the back of the grill rather than a smokestack.

The online price at Costco is $899 shipped, but you can buy it in store for $799.

Which One is Better?

We were faced with this same dilemma and ended up purchasing the Traeger Pro 575 for the following reasons.

  • We live in Michigan and grill year round. With the exhaust design of the Silverton, Traeger doesn’t make a grill blanket for it because it would block the vents.
  • The main grill grate on the Pro 575 is a little larger and the height from the grate to the lid looks a little taller than on the Silverton. We felt this would make it easier to cook larger things.
  • The larger wheels on the Pro 575 make it easier to be stored in the garage and wheeled out when used.
  • This is purely subjective and less important, but we like the traditional smoker look of the Pro 575 better than the Silverton 620.

If the reasons above don’t apply to you, a strong case can be made that the Silverton is a better buy because it’s cheaper and comes with a side and front shelves. A folding front shelf on the Pro 575 will cost another $70. It’s really close to a toss-up between the two grills and you can’t go wrong with either.


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