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Traeger and Solo Stove Take Swings at Baseball Themed Marketing

Traeger generated a marketing hit last week when they announced a collaboration with the iconic baseball bat maker Louisville Slugger. The result of the collaboration is Louisville Slugger themed maple pellets, the same wood used in the production of baseball bats.

Wood pellets are often made from wood waste, making them environmentally friendly. The Traeger Louisville Slugger pellets are actually made from the byproduct of the bat manufacturing. It’s a creative tie in between grilling and the start of baseball season. The limited-edition Louisville Slugger Pellets retail for $27.99 per bag.

Beyond the Louisville Slugger pellets, Traeger is ready for baseball season through a collaboration with Ken Griffey Jr. The biggest name in pellet grilling and the baseball legend have teamed up for a series of cooking videos.

Solo Stove Burning Bats

With the help of Houston Astros pitcher, Josh Hader, Solo Stove is burning bats in a different way with their latest ad. With the tagline “burning bats since 2017”, Josh and his wife have a fire in a Solo Stove fire pit filled with baseball bats. It’s a reference to the strikeout specialists’ first year in the MLB.

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