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Solo Stove Mesa Torch Review – A Quality Torch for Ambiance

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Solo Stove released the Mesa tabletop fire pit last year to add some more fire fun to your backyard. This year they added to the line and released the Solo Stove Mesa Torch, which is an all metal Tiki torch to add even more ambiance. We were sent a Mesa Torch to try out.

The Mesa Torch runs off any torch fuel, including citronella to help fend off mosquitos. There’s a canister inside the torch with a screw on lid that holds the fuel, then the wick feeds out of the canister and out of the torch body.

Product Details

The Mesa Torch comes as a single for $69.99 (check price), or in a three pack for $199.99 (check price). Each torch comes with 3 wicks and has a 3-piece shaft design. Each section of the shaft screws together, which screws into the torch body and the spike at the bottom.

In the box you’ll see that each torch also comes with a snuffer and a snuffer holder that clips onto the Mesa Torch. With a full canister of fuel, you’ll get around 5-hours of burn time.

Solo Stove Mesa Torch Box
Solo Stove Mesa Torch Box

The 3-piece shaft design means that you can use it in two height configurations. The first is 52.5″ above the ground, or in the lower configuration, it’s 37.75″ above the ground.

The Mesa Torch feels like a really quality product. It’s made of cold-rolled steel that’s powder coated black to withstand the elements. It comes with a lifetime warranty to back that it’s made well.

Tips and Tricks

Flame Height

The flame height on the torch is directly correlated to the amount the wick is out of the cannister. If you set it up and the flame is too short for your liking, then just pull the wick out a little more with some pliers if the wick is hot.


There isn’t much setup with the Mesa Torch. You just screw the shaft together, then the torch body and the spike on the shaft, and put it in the ground. Once you fill the torch cannister with fuel, you have to let it sit for 15-30 minutes for the wick to soak up the fuel before you can light it.

Solo Stove Mesa Torch with Lid Off
Solo Stove Mesa Torch with Lid Off

To assist with keeping things clean while filling the torch with fuel, the torch actually comes with a funnel. I have to admit though, I shortcut that and didn’t use the funnel. While that laziness comes back to bite me often, thankfully it didn’t this time.


With the torch body easily screwing on and off the shaft, you can put the torch away for storage. The only issue with that is there’s screw threads that stick out of the torch body, so you’d have to store it resting on its side. That’s a problem if you snuffed out your torch and want to store it with fuel still in it.

To address that problem, and as part of testing out the Mesa Torch, I have just left it outside with the snuffer cap on the top. It’s been about two months of rain and some snow, and it still looks like how it did out of the box. The only worry I have is the snuffer cap will blow off the top. We haven’t had any extremely windy days to test that out.

I’m not sure if Solo Stove would tell you that’s ok to do, but it’s worked out for me.

Backyard Ambiance

There’s not too much to a torch, but the Solo Stove Mesa Torch has delivered how you would expect it to. It always lights easy, and I haven’t had any problems with it staying lit. It adds some extra fire and light to your backyard for gatherings or just when you’re out back relaxing.

Solo Stove Mesa Torch Lit
Solo Stove Mesa Torch Lit

My torches are filled with citronella, which is supposed to help with mosquitos, but I’ve always found it to provide a small benefit, if any. I couldn’t test that out with the Mesa Torch because it’s winter here in Michigan, but I’d assume it’s the same benefit as any other citronella candle or torch.


If you’re looking for a high quality torch for your backyard, the Solo Stove Mesa Torch is a great option. It’s a quality product that looks great too. It’s perfect to add some more fire to your backyard.

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