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New Spider Grills Huntsman Combines a Kettle and Kamado Grill in One

Looking to combine the best features of a Kamado grill with a kettle grill, Spider Grills developed the Huntsman. It offers features of both grill types and adds a WiFi enabled controller that allows temperature control from your phone.

Kamado Style Grill

The best part about a Kamado grill is it is heavily insulated. Usually made out of ceramic, they lock in heat to offer stable temperatures for a long time.

The Huntsman attempts to mimic by being constructed with 5mm (just over 3/16”) carbon steel. That’s a big step up from other kettle grills that are made of thin metal.

Much like a Kamado grill, the Huntsman also has a hinged lid on the top. It’s counterweighted and sealed to make it easy to operate while locking in heat.

Kettle Style Grill

The Huntsman is sized like a traditional kettle grill at 22” and is fueled from charcoal. It has a round base that is relatively shallow compared to Kamado grills or smokers.

Spider Grills have improved on one of the drawbacks of a traditional kettle and that’s with how you add more fuel. Rather that removing or opening the cooking grate, there is an access door on the front of the grill. It makes it much easier to keep the fire fueled and to move the coals as needed.

Smart Technology

The Huntsman has a WiFi connected controller that they brand as Spider Venom. Based on where the temperature is dialed-in at, it will control a fan to feed the fire. It can be controlled on the controller or through your phone.

Spider Grills Huntsman Kamado Kettle Grill Controller
Spider Grills Huntsman Kamado Kettle Grill Controller

The controller has a temperature range of 150 degrees F to 700 degrees F. That means you can use it for the full range of smoking to searing. You can monitor the temperature of your food through two temperature probe ports on the controller.

Release Details

You can order the Huntsman now for $749 (check price) on pre-order. It’s discounted from the suggested retail price of $899. As it is a pre-order, the estimated ship time is July 2024.

About Spider Grills

Spider Grills expertise with kettle grills stems from their founding in Athens, GA. They started in 2019 by selling add-ons to Weber kettles. They have the Spider-22 which converts a kettle into a pellet grill. They also sell the Venom, which is a digital controller for a Weber kettle.

Both products have great reviews, which helped Spider Grills develop a following. The Huntsman is the next step that builds off their temperature controlled kettle expertise.

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