Keveri Releases the H1 Inox, a Stainless Steel Charcoal Oven

Keveri came on the scene with the H1, a multipurpose, charcoal, outdoor oven that can grill, smoke, bake, and even get hot enough for a nice crust on a pizza. The H1 just got better with a new version called the H1 Inox. It’s the same great oven, but it’s built from stainless steel for added durability.

Keveri H1 Inox Multipurpose Charcoal Oven
Keveri H1 Inox Multipurpose Charcoal Oven

Keveri Oven

For those not familiar with how a Keveri oven works, it’s similar to the idea behind a ceramic cooker. It’s shaped like a cabinet, but the principal behind cooking with it is the same.

A bed of hot charcoal sits at the bottom of the oven, and a chimney at the top pulls the heat through. How much you open the intake and exhaust is what determines how hot the fire is.

Unlike a ceramic cooker though, it’s easy to access the fire through a door. This makes adjustments to the charcoal bed a quick process, even when the oven is filled with food.

Cooking The Old '96er in a Keveri Oven
Cooking The Old ’96er in a Keveri Oven

The cabinet design is great for retaining heat and also for space management. It uses a rack system like a vertical smoker to allow you to move food closer to the fire, or to fit as much food as possible.

Keveri H1 Inox Features and Specs

  • Retail price of $1,990 (check price)
  • Stainless steel exterior and interior
  • Includes 2 stainless steel grill racks
  • Comes with a cart with wheels to sit on and a set of tongs
  • Has 620 square inches of cooking capacity with 2 racks, but can be expanded to accommodate more
  • Weighs 152 lbs


The Keveri H1 offers a fun, flavorful and fuel efficient way to cook outdoors. At $600 more than the base model, the new Inox adds stainless steel for durability and aesthetics. It’s an appealing oven than can replace multiple other cookers in one package.


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