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Charbroil’s New Grills Are Gas, Charcoal and a Griddle in One

Charbroil has released two new grills for 2024 and they answer the age old question of gas vs. charcoal with “how about both?” They don’t stop there either, because they also feature a modular cooking system that allows you to swap out the cooking grates for an INCLUDED griddle. The two grills are both great values for their features.

Modular Cooking System

There are not shortage of gas grill options to choose from. What sets these grills apart is they have a modular cooking system. You can go from grilling to griddling in under 60 seconds. All you have to is swap out a couple of the cooking grates and the Amplifire heat deflectors, and set the included griddle in its place.

Charbroil Commercial Series Grill with Modular Cooking System
Charbroil Commercial Series Grill with Modular Cooking System

The griddle is 331 square inches of cold rolled steel to cook a variety of food. It also only takes up 2/3 of the main cooking grate, so you still have some main grate surface and an upper warming rack.

Charcoal Grill

To add to the versatility of Charbroil’s new grills, you can also use their Gas2Coal charcoal trays. These allow you to put charcoal over the gas burners to add some extra flavor to your grilling. There’s no need to choose between gas and charcoal, because you can have both.

Features and Specs

Both grills have similar features, so we’ll lay out the similarities and differences. Below are the features and specs that both grills have.

  • 535 square inches of cooking area on the primary grate
  • 4-burners in the main cook chamber
  • Lid mounted temp gauge, so you know when it’s hot
  • Will reach 500° F in under 10 minutes, and has a max temp in the 600° F to 700° F range
  • Has a 155 square inch upper rack for keeping food warm or indirect heat cooking
  • The primary grate is made of porcelain-coated cast-iron for good searing with less rust
  • Electronic ignition for easy starting
  • Has two wheels and two castes to make it easy to move around

Commercial Series 4-Burner Grill

Of the two new grills, the Commercial Series grill is the more feature rich, and a little more expensive. It’s a Lowe’s exclusive model that retails for $649 (check price). What sets it apart from the Pro Series model sold directly from Charbroil are the following features.

Charbroil Commercial Series Grill
Charbroil Commercial Series Grill
  • Stainless steel panels on the exterior
  • Includes a side burner in addition to the four main burners

Pro Series 4-Burner Grill

The Pro Series grill still has tons of versatility with the modular grate system, and the ability to use charcoal. It’s a little bit cheaper at $599 (check price), and it’s sold direct form Charbroil. Features that are different on the Pro Series are as follows.

Charbroil Pro Series Grill
Charbroil Pro Series Grill
  • Sleek, all-black design has a cool look that’s different from other grills
  • No side burner, but you get a side shelf in its place, and another shelf below it
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