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BLACK + DECKER vera Pizza Oven is Released with Unique Design, Low Price

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The outdoor pizza oven market has seen tremendous growth over the past few years. To meet that growing consumer demand, well-known home and lifestyle brand BLACK + DECKER has released a new wood fired pizza oven.

Their new pizza oven is bringing flavor to your food with the ability to use three different fuel types. It can run off wood pellets, wood, and charcoal for a traditional cooking experience.

As we head into warmer months, we’re happy to share new products that make entertaining outside easier. From the flexibility of three different fuel types to the easy-to-view oven window and rotating pizza stone, we are helping make pizza night as easy and delicious as possible.

Lauren Chell, Director of Product Management for BLACK+DECKER

Features and Specs

The vera is a great looking oven with a polished metal exterior. What stands out about the pizza oven beyond its looks is its price. At only $299 (check price) it’s a great way to start cooking pizza and other food outside without draining your wallet. It also has the following features and specs.

Black + Decker Vera Pizza Oven Features
Black + Decker Vera Pizza Oven Features
  • Can handle up to 12” pizzas
  • Reaches temperatures up to 950 degrees in as little as 15 minutes for a great Neapolitan style crust
  • The door to hold in heat has a glass viewing window to keep an eye on your food and the fire
  • The oven has a built-in thermometer so you know what temp you’re cooking at

Unique Design

The vera pizza oven has a unique design compared to other ovens on the market. Most small ovens have the fire in back and the pizza is loaded in the front. Similar to larger wood fired ovens, the BLACK + DECKER vera has the fire on the side of the oven. It has a chimney positioned over the cooking chamber so heat can roll over the pizza and exhaust out.

Rotating Stone

Another nice feature on the vera it has a rotating pizza stone. This makes it easier for beginners to learn how to cook pizza and is more convenient for experts. It keeps you from having to use the pizza peel to turn the pizza. BLACK + DECKER’s rotating stone has a hand crank on the side, so it’s easy to evenly turn it.

The BLACK DECKER vera Pizza Oven
The BLACK DECKER vera Pizza Oven


Like most pizza ovens, you’ll need to buy some accessories to use it, but BLACK + DECKER has a full line available. The one thing you absolutely need is a pizza peel to put the pizza in the oven and take it out (they have both wood and metal). Beyond that, make sure you have a table or some other surface to put the oven on. If you don’t, BLACK + DECKER has a good option available. They also have a storage bag to keep the oven looking nice and make it more portable.

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