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5-Hour ENERGY Release Caffeinated BBQ Sauce

In time for the 4th of July 5-Hour ENERGY has a new product to make sure you stay awake for the fireworks. For a limited time they’ve released Energizing BBQ Sauce to power you through the food coma from your cook out.

From my own family cookouts, I know how exhausting BBQing can be. From grilling to hosting and all the fun lawn games that happen in between, it’s often an all-day affair. As we continue to redefine what 5-hour ENERGY® is and can be, we’re excited to be the first energy brand to offer hardworking BBQ aficionados what they really need — a caffeinated sauce to help stay focused and keep the party going.

Jeff Sigouin, President and COO of Living Essentials, the makers of 5-hour ENERGY®

The new product contains 60 milligrams of caffeine per serving, which is the equivalent of drinking about two cans of Coke. It has the flavor profile of a sweet and tangy peach mango.

5-hour ENERGY Caffeinated BBQ Sauce - Brian Baumgartner
5-hour ENERGY Caffeinated BBQ Sauce – Brian Baumgartner

To help launch and promote the new energizing sauce, 5 Hour ENERGY has partnered with Brian Baumgartner. You may know him as Kevin from The Office, but he’s also a passionate home griller and a cookbook author.

It takes true Big Grill Energy to work the grill. It’s an art, a science, and a passion that takes time to get things just right. Whether you’re a novice or a well-seasoned pro, everyone knows you need a specific kind of energy to keep things low and slow throughout the full grilling experience. That’s why I’m incredibly stoked to be partnering with 5-hour ENERGY® to bring the secret sauce you need to crush your cookout.

Brian Baumgartner

The limited release of the new sauce starts today and lasts for four weeks. You can find it at 5-Hour ENERGY’s website where it’s free, even including shipping.

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