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TIKI Brand Adds a Small Fire Pit to Their Smokeless Fire Pit Line-Up

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There’s a new addition to fill out the TIKI Brand fire pit line-up. While they just released a versatile propane fire pit, the new addition is wood fueled. Called Social, it’s the smallest size option for their smokeless fire pits.

Previously, TIKI had a rectangular fire pit for their small size, but it has been replaced by the round Social fire pit. It’s not just a smaller version of their medium sized Patio fire pit, that we really liked in our review, the Social has an identity all its own.

Features and Specs

  • Retail price of $249 (check price)
  • Has a diameter of 25.5 inches and is 17.7 inches tall
  • Weighs 32 lbs, so it’s easy to move around
  • Comes with a weather-resistant cover, so you don’t have to buy that extra
  • Comes with a stand which save you money on buying one
  • Works with other TIKI fire pit accessories
  • Can use wood or pellets, and even our favorite, TIKI Wood Packs for a predictable fire
TIKI Social Wood Fire Pit Specs and What's Included
TIKI Social Wood Fire Pit Specs and What’s Included

New Design Features

As I mentioned, the new Social smokeless fire pit isn’t just the same as the other fire pits but smaller. On top of different styling, there are design features exclusive to it that take advantage of its smaller stature.

TIKI Social Fire Pit with Removable Body and Ash Pan
TIKI Social Fire Pit with Removable Body and Ash Pan

The first is it has handles on the side of it. This coupled with the lighter weight and smaller proportions of the fire pit make it much easier to move around than other fire pits. That’s helpful for transporting it with you, or for just moving it around the backyard.

Another design change is that while all of the TIKI fire pits have easy ash cleaning, this one does it differently. The base of the fire pit is removeable from the body, so it’s really easy to dump out your ashes.


The new TIKI Social fire pit has a new design while keeping all the features that we love from TIKI’s other fire pits. It’s perfect for anyone looking for more portability without sacrificing on smokeless performance.

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